czech republic

Prague was a short, but beautiful two days. we left the Munich train station and headed towards the Czech Republic. we again had some major train issues and had to find our way to the right carriage because the train was going to split and go two separate ways. we finally found our seats and settled in for the long train ride. since none of us can speak any Czech, we didn't really know when our train stop was approaching, so we basically just guessed. Steph saw "Praha" pop up on the screen, so we figured that the next stop had to be ours. we grabbed all our luggage and then got off quickly at the next stop. turns out we were very very wrong and we had gotten off at the wrong station. we made our way inside the "station" and we had no idea where we were or how far away we were from actual Prague. we had no service, but we finally found wifi and got an Uber and were finally on our way to our hotel. by the time we got to our hotel, it was after midnight and we were exhausted after a full day of travel. 

we only had only one full day in Prague, so we got up early and headed out to the city! we thought the best way to see the city in the short amount of time we had would be to bike around the city. we found a cute bike shop and rented bikes for the day. the thought of biking through Prague was a good idea, but actually biking through Prague was terrifying. we basically had to bike in the street with all the cars, on the cobblestone street, not knowing where we were going. I had a great time biking and had fun trying to find my way through the city, although at times I did think I was going to get hit by a car. biking through Prague was absolutely breathtaking and we were able to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. we stopped at a Biergarten and had some hot dogs before hopping back on the bikes. we rode through dreamy gardens, and all around the city, and even across a couple of bridges. we dropped the bikes off and then headed into the city square of Prague. we navigated our way through the old streets and saw the old architecture and all the old buildings. we went back to the hotel for about 30 minutes to take a quick nap and then headed back out for dinner. we ate dinner in the old town square and we had some of the best food of the trip there. the weather was perfect, and I quickly started to realize that Europeans love to eat their meals slowly and outside to enojy the weather. that was common for all the countries we traveled to. we walked around more after dinner and went to the famous Charles Bridge. the view from the bridge was picturesque and we could see the entire city from the bridge.  

the next day, we woke up early and ventured out to the famous Prague Castle. we didn't have much time left in Prague before our flight to Paris, but we wanted to use the morning to explore more of the city. the Castle sits up on a hill that overlooks the entire city of Prague. I'm glad we woke up early and got to see the Castle before leaving Prague. we didn't have time to actually go inside and go on a tour, but the outside and the grounds itself were amazing. the castle dates back to the 9th century, and there is a lot of history that is embedded within the walls of the castle. we stopped in a chocolate shop and got some genuine Prague chocolate that tasted absolutely amazing! we packed up all our stuff, and headed to the airport. the flight to Paris was only an hour, and when we landed we still had the night to explore the romantic city of Paris.


our time in Prague was short but sweet. we got to see everything we wanted in just about one day and saw all the old historic buildings along with the old town square. The Czech Republic was the farthest country we traveled too on our trip, and I definitely felt like I was on the edge of my comfort zone. I felt farthest from home in Czech, and quite honestly, Czech was the first country where I didn't feel extremely safe in. It was a whole new world that I didn't know much about, but being out of my comfort zone and so far from home made me feel even more adventurous. Czech was full of beautiful architecture, delicious food, and old history that was very apparent. Czech was full of new adventures and trying new things. I loved the old town vibes of Czech, and being somewhere I didn't know anything about.