sup Salzburg!

after our stay in Germany, we hopped on another train (the right one this time) and headed for the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria! the train ride was filled with rolling hills, cattle, and lots and lots of rain. when we arrived in Salzburg, we headed to our hotel and decided to venture out into the city, even though it was pouring down rain. we had some delicious lunch, which overlooked the whole city. even though it was raining, we could already see the beauty of the city. we walked to the famous Mirabella Plaza and gardens. the rain kept us from staying too long, but we were able to see all the flowers and walk around to different churches. after a long day of traveling by train, and being rained on all day, we called it a day and watched the sound of music. the sound of music was actually filmed in Salzburg, and I had never seen it, so my friends insisted that we watch the movie. 

the next morning we decided to sleep in because it was still raining and we really didn't have much planned for Salzburg. we made our way to the Fortress Hohensalzburg which sits up on a hill overlooking the city. to get to the fortress, you have to taxi up to the cable cars which then take you to the very top. unfortunately, our taxi driver didn't understand where we were trying to go, so we ended up hiking about a mile and a half uphill to the actual fortress. not only was this a hike, but it was raining and I still have a walking boot from foot surgery. once we reached the top, the view was breathtaking. you could see the whole town of Salzburg and the rain had finally started to clear up. we had lunch, did a tour of the fortress, and then we made our way back down. after the cable car gets to the bottom of the hill, you land right in the heart of Old Town. we walked around Old Town, saw unreal churches, and even stopped at a little chocolate shop. the town of Salzburg looks like it's literally out of a book. there are carriages with horses everywhere, flowers on every building, and all surrounded by The Alps. at night, we decided to try an authentic Austrian cooking class. although we were skeptical, it turned out to be one of our favorite activities. our cooking class took place in a cave that used to be the customs and clergy office of Salzburg. we made pretzels, dumplings, and apple strudel. the food was AMAZING, and being able to learn how to cook all the traditional food was really cool. 

we decided for our last day in Austria, to head to the famous Eagles Nest. Eagles Nest is where Hitler visited about fourteen times, and many Nazi meetings occurred here. It was located on top of Kehlstein summit back in Germany, which is about 6,017 ft high. to get to the very top, we took two buses and then we took the original elevator that Hitler used all way to the top. once at the top, you are surrounded by mountains, clouds, and just pure beauty. we saw the original meeting rooms, and then you can hike up a little to the very peak. it would have been the picture perfect place, but clouds were moving in and everything was covered. although the clouds covered the majority of the view, we were still in awe of the natural beauty and the mountains that surrounded us. the rest of the afternoon was spent with naps, dinner, and enjoying the cute little town of Salzburg.

our adventure in Salzburg was a sweet one. filled with cute Old Town vibes and delicious food. although the rain bummed us out, we persevered and still got to explore the city. our days have been spent on trains, buses, and walks, but we are making memories that will last forever. 

next stop, PRAGUE!